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was with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan before falling for Luann. We went out a couple of times – maybe two or three times to dinner with some friends.

Meanwhile, Morgan’s gearing up to launch her own fashion line at Carriage House on Tuesday.

Also at Beautique for Fashion Week, Bar Refaeli was seen at a dinner for Hublot with guests Diane Keaton as Matthew and Nicole Hanley Mellon celebrated the launch of their new line nearby with Vikram Chatwal and Jeffrey Jah.

It’s only been three months since her spilt from Jacques, but Lu Ann has seamlessly transitioned back into the dating world thanks to some stern rules she has set in place.

“Calling instead of texting, it’s always nice to hear someone’s voice.” She's also a firm believer in “having a man pick you up for a date instead of meeting him somewhere.”Lastly, always keep in mind that “if you expect more, you’re going to get more out of a man.

She was a foot taller than he was.” Dressed in a sparkly miniskirt, “she had her leg wrapped around his thigh like a slithering python.” We’re told Lesseps and her boy toy left at a.m.

and “indulged in more PDA outside.” But a different source at the wild scene told us it was “Sonja who was making out with a guest” at the hot spot and “had to be carried out by the end of the night.” (However, a friend of Sonja said she was in fine form and was just being “cozy and friendly with a friend who’s gay.” She’s been dating 24-year-old Dominik Persy.) Meanwhile, a friend of Lesseps insisted “The Countess” didn’t engage in any untoward behavior.

“There was no making out or public display,” the pal said.

“The only leg action was dancing — and there was a kiss good night — but Lu Ann left on her own, still single and with nobody special, even with Valentine’s Day coming up.” We hear that Lesseps was indeed alone on Valentine’s Day night, holed up in Minneapolis, where she was appearing on Shop HQ to promote her Countess Collection during Fashion Week.

But after Bethenny Frankel accused her reality TV rival of being a hypocrite and a fraud during a traumatic two-episode battle, The Countess finally found her platform to set the record straight on what's fact and what's fiction.'The problem with you is that women don't trust you, they think you have sex with married men and you cheat and you f*** younger guys and criticize other women for the exact same things you do,' an enraged Frankel said to de Lesseps.

After “Real Housewives of New York” star Lu Ann de Lesseps was overheard saying at a fashion show this week she’s single and “seeing nobody special,” she found a special stranger on a wild night out with Sonja Morgan.

Following the Red Dress Awards, Lesseps and Morgan hit a Bethenny Frankel margarita party, then wound up in a back room at Beautique.

There, a spy said, Lesseps, 49, “met a hot, younger guy.” Our witness reports, “He was an exotic-looking Brazilian with long locks,” and, “They whispered to each other…then it turned into 40 minutes of making out and groping.” The witness added: “Lu Ann was leaning on him, making out like she was a shark devouring her prey.