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If you’re a Red Hat Enterprise Linux customer and are interested in joining the kpatch SIG, please contact your Red Hat Account Manager or Technical Account Manager (TAM) for more information on how to participate in this SIG. Some of my favorite highlights: , I presented an introduction to kpatch entitled “kpatch: Have Your Security And Eat It Too! Also at Linux Con, Hitachi’s Masami Hiramatsu gave a presentation entitled “kpatch Without Stop Machine“, where he presented a fantastic in-depth proposal of a performance improvement to kpatch.

In , both teams met informally at the Collaboration Summit in Napa.After much discussion, the kpatch and k Graft teams successfully worked out a plan for how to combine the two approaches into a single approach that would be suitable for merging into the upstream Linux kernel.Live Kernel Patching Merged for Linux 4.0 As a result of the collaborative talks in Düsseldorf, Red Hat’s Seth Jennings created a new kernel component called livepatch, a common base patching layer which is compatible with both kpatch and k Graft approaches.In , thanks to everyone’s efforts over the last year and beyond, Linus Torvalds merged live kernel patching into upstream Linux!We mutually agreed that combining the projects somehow would be a good idea.But we still had some technical hurdles to overcome before collaboration could be possible.

In , Red Hat’s Steven Rostedt (maintainer of the Linux ftrace tracing facility) organized the Live Kernel Patching Microconference at the Linux Plumbers Conference in Düsseldorf.It was a great opportunity for all interested parties to come together face-to-face for some in-depth conversations about live kernel patching.In the year since I first wrote about kpatch, Red Hat’s live kernel patching project for Linux, we’ve been very busy.Here are some of the highlights from the last year of live kernel patching development, and some clues about where we may be headed in the future.Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Special Interest Group In 2014, we kicked off a kpatch Special Interest Group (SIG) for users who are interested in trying out kpatch in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 environment.We’ve delivered kpatch fixes for several kernel CVEs, allowing users to easily apply fixes to their kernels immediately with no disruption or reboots necessary.

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