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If you are among Whats App's 600 million users around the world, you may have noticed minor changes to the app.

A second checkmark showed it reached the recipient's smartphone. Once the message is opened, the sender sees both the checkmarks marked in blue.

All you need to do is press and hold the message itself, and then click "i." Cyber security has been regarded as something of a contradiction in terms since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on intelligence practices on both sides of the Atlantic. () German app "Telegram Messenger" is gaining popularity in South Korea, where people are searching for alternatives to "Kakao Talk," which the Korean government was reportedly monitoring.

() With little support from his government or people, one Indian activist is challenging the popular messaging app's use of encryption.

Though the Supreme Court just dismissed his case, he is determined to push on.

After using social media to publicly quash the coup, Turkey's government is cracking down on news sites and purging state institutions again.

Obviously, not everyone is excited about not being able to use the "I didn't get your message" excuse.

There were more than 1,000 tweets mentioning the words "Whats App update" within an hour by UTC, according to Topsy, and more than 24,000 mentioning the word "Whats App" alone.Opinions about the recent update are varied: As can be found in the app's , group chat and broadcast messages are also impacted by this change.If the message was sent in a group, it is now possible to see who has read it and when.Here is how censorship works in the country - and how Turks react to it.On August 13, all you left-handers out there will have a day to bask in the greatness of your dominant hand. Here are five cool things to ponder on your big day.Imagine you can help relieve disasters as they happen - by using your smartphone.

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