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Thus all work harmoniously together; and verily In the motto which I have chosen for its title‐page, lies at once the purpose and preface of this my book.Had it not been planned and completed, honestly, carefully, solemnly, even fearfully, with a keen sense of all it might do, or leave undone; and did not I believe it to be in some degree a good book, likely to effect some good, I would never have written or published it.

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I have written it, I hope, as humbly as conscientiously; and thus I leave it.

Show Notes by GINGER KADLEC — sign up to Be AKids Hero here. nearly 50% of teens don’t disclose this or other abuse to their parents.

Michelle shares alarming facts about teen issues including the prevalence of dating violence…

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Teen Line responded to almost 16,000 teen inquiries in 2015.

Teen Line becomes a lifeline for thousands of teens each year.

They do not pretend to solve any problems, to lay down any laws, to decide out of one life’s experience and within the limits of one volume, any of those great questions which have puzzled generations, and will probably puzzle generations more.

They lift the banner of no party; and assert the opinions of no In this book, therefore, many women will find simply the expression of what they have themselves, consciously or unconsciously, oftentimes thought; and the more deeply, perhaps, because it has never come to the surface in words or writing.

Those who do the most, often talk—sometimes think—the least:: yet thinkers, talkers, and doers, being in earnest, achieve their appointed end.

The thinkers put wisdom into the mouth of the speakers, and both strive together to animate and counsel the doers.

Millions of teens around the world struggle with these and other issues, and often aren’t sure where to turn for help. In this show, Executive Director Michelle Carlson shares a behind-the-scenes look at this vital support system for youth.

Michelle says nearly 80% of parents reveal they have no idea their child is a victim of dating violence.

Staffed primarily by teen volunteers (with help from professional therapists and counselors), the “teen listeners” are trained to respond to inquiries (phone calls, emails and texts) from troubled teens.

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