Radiocarbon dating range

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Radiocarbon dating range

Periods of tremor occurred, some of which lasted for more than one hour.

A link to those reports is provided in the “Information Contacts” section.

Our previous report on Popocatépetl discussed the ongoing eruption during July-October 2012 ( ).

Behavior during the reporting interval included persistent emissions (often containing ash).

When visibility permitted, web cameras documented nighttime emissions containing incandescent fragments, in many cases, rising hundreds of meters above the crater rim and spreading across the upper flanks.

These eruptions typically deposited tephra up to ~1.5 km from the crater where it was conspicuous on the snow and ice that crowns the summit.

Occasional air photos also depicted ballistics or their impacts and tracks in the summit area.

Ashfall was not uncommon in villages on the volcano and it occasionally fell in parts of Mexico City and the city of Puebla.Many plumes rose on the order of 1 km, reported by CENAPRED in many cases several times a week if not more frequently.During 20-26 July CENAPRED reported 26-182 daily emissions from Popocatépetl, some of which contained minor amounts of ash.Cloud cover often prevented observations, though gas-and-steam plumes were visible almost daily. Explosions were detected during 24-26 July: 4 on 24 July, 4 on 25 July, and 1 on 26 July. This report summarizes events at Popocatépetl during November 2012-December 2014.Almost all of the data discussed came from (~800) online daily reports by the Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres (CENAPRED).Many of those reports are issued covering a 24 hour interval (from 1000 on the stated day back to 1000 on the previous day), with occasional cases of later supplemental reports the same day.

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