Radiocarbon dating and the word of god

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Radiocarbon dating and the word of god

X-Ray fluorescence imaging is a technique for detecting, and tracing, the chemicals left on a leaf by inks or dyes.

He then commanded the destruction of all other Quran fragments and manuscripts.The Sana Quran is significant because it—through technology described below—survived Uthman’s destruction of variants.The lower erased layer of the Sana Quran palimpsest can be read because: over time it resurfaces as a shadow, in this case as a pale brown text.In August 2007, Uwe Bergmann subjected the Stanford ’07 folio [a single folio of the Sana Quran palimpsest] to X-Ray fluorescence imaging at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory in the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).In 1972, some 12,000 Quranic parchment fragments were discovered in the Great Mosque in the Yemeni capital Sana.These fragments consist of tiny snippets of the Quran to whole folios belonging to some 926 copies of the Quran.

To date, only a small portion of the fragments have been published, and it is unknown when the rest will be published.One of the Sana findings is a palimpsest which “may be, from a textual-critical standpoint, the most important one among those discovered in 1972 between the ceiling and the roof of the Great Mosque of Ṣan‘ā’”.A palimpsest is a manuscript page that has been erased so that another text could be written over it.The Sana Quran palimpsest is significant because the top layer (the text written over what was erased) is the standard Uthmanic version of the Quran.Beneath this standard Uthmanic version of the Quran (the part that was erased) is a non-Uthmanic version of the Quran. According to Islamic tradition, Uthman compiled the Quran and its several various readings (about twenty years after Muhammad’s death.Muslims believe Uthman kept one copy for himself in Medina and sent copies to al-Kufa, al-Basra, and Damascus.

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