Psychological effects of online dating

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(See, also, Pondering the Impact of Workplace Violence.) You may have read the very recent – and profoundly disturbing – headline about a Missouri woman who was found guilty of misdemeanor crimes in a “My Space” cyber-bullying case linked to a 13-year-old girl’s suicide.

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In life there’s hardly anything as difficult as going it alone; having someone to lean on can make even the bitterest of life’s blows tolerable.Research even suggests that relationships are as vital to our health as good nutrition and regular exercise, perhaps more so (see: health benefits of relationships).Human relationships have an incredible complexity and variety which psychologists have only just begun to fathom.The posts collected below examine some of the emerging aspects of research on the psychology of relationships.Being passionate about a project or goal — no matter how big or small — makes us feel alive.It is invigorating to think about the changes you could make in yourself or in the world...

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