Portal not updating ad information

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Enterprise developers and software-as-a-service (Saa S) providers can develop commercial cloud services or line of business applications that can be integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to provide secure sign in and authorization for their services.To integrate an application or service with Azure AD, a developer must first register the details about their application with Azure AD through the Azure classic portal.

You will learn about the different types of applications that can be integrated with Azure AD, how to configure your applications to access other resources such as Web APIs, and more.

To learn more about the two Azure AD objects that represent a registered application and the relationship between them, see Application Objects and Service Principal Objects; to learn more about the branding guidelines you should use when developing applications with Azure Active Directory, see Branding Guidelines for Integrated Apps.

Any application that wants to use the capabilities of Azure AD must first be registered in an Azure AD tenant.

This registration process involves giving Azure AD details about your application, such as the URL where it’s located, the URL to send replies after a user is authenticated, the URI that identifies the app, and so on.

If you’re building a Web application that just needs to support sign-in for users in Azure AD, you can simply follow the instructions below.

For more information on the way authentication works in Azure AD, see Authentication Scenarios for Azure AD.

Azure AD’s consent framework makes it easy to develop multi-tenant Web and Native client applications that need to access Web APIs secured by an Azure AD tenant, different from the one where the client application is registered.

These Web APIs include the Graph API, Office 365, and other Microsoft services, in addition to your own Web APIs.

If your application needs access to a Web API, or you want to enable your application as multi-tenant to allow users from other Azure AD tenants to access it, you’ll need to continue reading the Updating an Application section to continue configuring your application.

Once your application has been registered with Azure AD, it may need to be updated to provide access to Web APIs, be made available in other organizations, and more.

This section describes various ways in which you may need to configure your application further.

First we will start with an overview of the Consent Framework, which is important to understand if you are building resource/API applications that will be consumed by client applications built by developers in your organization or another organization.

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