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    I find huge egos unattractive as the person can be narcissistic, self-absorbed, or less inclined to make sacrifices or compromise. Men only get better with age so the problem is likely to get worse, not better, with time.”Cara, another successful woman who works in advertising, puts it more bluntly: “I’ve definitely been less interested in guys that are too good-looking—my initial reaction is that it makes me think they’re going to be assholes or gay.” Assholes because, like Caitlin, she assumes they’ll have an ego, and gay, because, “I feel like gay men take care of themselves better than straight men.”This reflects the findings from a study conducted by OKCupid, which found that while women judge the majority of men to be less than average in the looks department (harsh, ladies), they’re actually more likely to message those okay-looking guys than their studly counterparts.

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