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Some have stated there will be 30 total, and others teased it would be 14 returnees and 14 newbies.

It seems pretty likely that BB18 premiere night, June 22, there will be a major competition which could decide which 18 houseguests stay in the house.The All-Star players will be houseguests that were voted off early in the season, and deserve a second chance at the 0K grand prize.The Big Brother former players’ names that have been tossed around on social media are: • Jason Roy (Big Brother 17) • Jeff Weldon (Big Brother 17) • Devin Shephard (Big Brother 16) • Jeremy Mc Guire (Big Brother 15) • Nick Uhas (Big Brother 15) • Will Heuser (Big Brother 16) • Dominic Briones (Big Brother 13) • Audrey Middleton (Big Brother 17) • Amber Borzotra (Big Brother 16).It looks like 28-30 potential houseguests will compete for 18 spots on the show.BB18 spoilers have been mixed about the exact number.“Big Brother 18’ spoilers are trickling in and boy, do they sound action-packed.

The official casting announcement for BB18 will be in two weeks on June 13.Until then, we have learned some of the most plausible Big Brother spoilers running rampant on social media.First, we learned that the season would likely be half new players and half veterans or All-Stars as they are commonly referred to.With a large number of the initial houseguests, there must be some type of grueling competition to weed out 10-12 players.Big Brother 18 seems to be fans versus returning players to see which performs better.The word on social media is that each returning player will have a relative [or loved one] playing the game with them.