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Some games in the 2000s include haptic, vibration-creating effects or force feedback peripherals.

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Parents need to know that The Big Bang Theory is fun but has a fair amount of sexual innuendo (hints about sex acts, people in their underwear or in bed together), and lots of stereotyping (mainly about "geeky men" and "dumb blondes").Frequent strong vocabulary ("bitch," "crap," "bastard," "hell") is mixed in with lots of jargon that science fans will enjoy.There are a lot of pop culture references, ranging from Snoopy to Star Trek, and lots of i Phones, i Pads, and Mac Books. A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor.The word video in video game traditionally referred to a raster display device, but in the 2000s, it implies any type of display device that can produce two- or three-dimensional images.Video games are sometimes believed to be a form of art, but this designation is controversial.

The electronic systems used to play video games are known as platforms; examples of these are personal computers and video game consoles.

These platforms range from large mainframe computers to small handheld computing devices.

Specialized video games such as arcade games, in which the video game components are housed in a large, coin-operated chassis, while common in the 1980s, have gradually declined in use due to the widespread availability of affordable home video game devices (e.g., Play Station 4 and Xbox One) and video games on desktop and laptop computers and smartphones.

The input device used for games, the game controller, varies across platforms.

Common controllers include gamepads, mouses, keyboards, joysticks, the touchscreens of mobile devices and buttons.

Players typically view the game on a video screen or television and there are often game sounds from loudspeakers.

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