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The gameplay of the first version of Eccky involved a virtual baby, or Eccky, which was born on the basis of information derived from both Eccky user players.

From its live introduction to the public until August 2006, Eccky required an initial fee which could be paid by either user player.Upon accepting the invitation, the second user also registers on the Eccky website, and completes his/her own "DNA" test.Both players then choose both a masculine and feminine name for their future Eccky.Thereafter Eccky is born, with characteristics determined by the combination of both users' DNA profiles. Until 2009, it was an MSN-based life simulation game in which two people work together to create and raise a virtual baby.Eccky won the 2005 Spin Awards for Innovation and for Best Interactive Concept.

Eccky was created in August 2005 by Dutch developer Media Republic in association with MSN in the Netherlands.

Eccky has characteristics of life simulation and virtual pet games.

However Eccky has been free to play since September 2006.

In the first version of Eccky, two users create a virtual baby, and raise him/her with the goal of making the child as happy and satisfied as possible.

A user fills out a questionnaire with information regarding their personal characteristics, child-rearing attitudes, favorites, etc.

Once registration and the "DNA" test have been completed, a user may invite another person to make an Eccky.

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