Gay thug dating

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If you don’t know who Young Thug is, you must be living beneath a cave.The Gucci Mane protégé has two songs that have a stranglehold on rap, “Stoner” and “Danny Glover.” Everyone from Nikki Minaj to Waka Flocka Flame has dropped on the latter (perhaps due to their elemental connection to Thug).

He squawks, squeals and shrills through his tracks uncontrollably. In the words of the prophet Noz: But, perhaps the most interesting aspect of Young Thug’s career, is it appears he may be the first openly gay gangster rapper to achieve national notoriety.

Like A$AP Rocky and Kanye West, Thug wears a lot of effeminate clothing.

Skirts, tights and elaborate nail polish patterns, all are part of his wardrobe.

Let’s make one thing clear: fashion choices don’t determine sexuality.

You could be dressed as a human rainbow and be entirely straight.

But the reality is, public perception will see you as flaming.

After repeatedly wearing skirts and dresses, A$AP Rocky got mad and claimed they were just long shirts.He should have said: But A$AP Rocky isn’t known for his courage. But I’m one of the hardest n*ggas in this motherf*cker, you feel me”mixtape (no it wasn’t his first real album, we still have to wait for that), but with the weak caveat subtitle (I’m Happy) and statements that the title’s meaning is that words are meaningless.He only started wearing the skirts after Kanye did it first anyway. Kanye West has plans to marry Kim Kardashian despite longstanding rumors that he is gay, and his proclivity towards female fashion.The fact that he both wore the dress, and felt the need to pretend it wasn’t a dress, just goes to show how twisted we’ve got things in rap (pop) culture. All three have associated with vague criminality to various degrees (Kanye the least), and they’ve all flirted with a rap taboo: the traditional aesthetics of femininity and homosexuality.You’re expected to be aesthetically effeminate, but god forbid you actually be gay. Despite R&B singer and wildly underrated rapper, Frank Ocean, coming out as bisexual, and the massive success of pretend homosexual Macklemore, the fear of gayness in rap music is thriving.Lil B, as always, set this trend years ago by referring to himself as a “fag,” “lesbian” and “pretty bitch” (then A$AP decided years later he was a “pretty motherf*cker”). West, Lil B and A$AP Rocky both embrace homosexuality as deserving equality, and some of its traditional wardrobe, but are quick to proclaim their heterosexuality if any serious questioning is underway.

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