Frum dating questions

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and also i am starting to think about what kind of boy i want to marry.

Because you went out with him on anywhere between 5 to 20 dates, for anywhere between 1 and 10 hours, and he put on a good show? assuming that the person who set you up is someone you trust, then yes.And then you two are going to need a way to communicate - to set up dates... If you mean before you even meet, you are right - you should not have his phone number before you even go out!even if you've set at time and place in advance, let's say there's a change in plans? In general, life seems a whole lot easier and simpler before we get there than when we actually do.How many little kids think adults lead complicated lives?You should know that it's actually a whole lot harder for many guys after they're engaged, because there's a whole new level of connection that's created, but all the boundaries still need to be maintained. And assuming that you did the proper research before you met him.I'm not talking about being fanatical and ridiculous - I'm talking about being responsible.

It could be that you might be able to make some arrangement that the two of you could meet at a pre-arranged place (although that isn't generally accepted practice in America...), but you might want to have an honest conversation with yourself and think about the above points.

(And if you’re nervous because of certain life experiences you’ve had, whatever they may be, then you should probably have a serious talk with someone about the whole general prospect of getting married and having a good, solid, marriage relationship with a guy.)Well, if you've ruled the Chassidishe dating idea out, then chances are, unless you're getting engaged after the first date or two or three, you're going to drop the go between at some point.

Okay so i dont know why i think its weird so here it goes: i personally would not go in a car with my date.

like why should i trust some random guy im going out with? and also i feel like i would wait until we were engaged or something.. that is weird why would i have to call him if we are not on a date? i would prefer to date chassidishely, but i am far from that and would not go out with one.

I dont know i just feel really nervous all of the sudden when it comes to dating now.

When i was younger it sounded so exciting to get married and stuff and now it just makes my tummy hurt.

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