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Feedback from members is an invaluable tool for any webmaster and it seems like a lazy effort to not have a more up to date member section.

All the videos and photo sets are 100% exclusive and trust me when I say you will never find another site like Futanaria.

The first thing that you will notice is the Futanaria member section is layed out just like the tour so there are no surprises.

It’s easy to navigate but lacks any sort of bells and whistles.

Some people might like the lack of clutter but I would like to see more user interactivitiy implemented.

How hard is it to install a script that allows members to vote on photo sets and movies (I used to run an adult paysite so I can tell you that it isn’t hard)?

I know a lot of you readers really like the Futanaria posts I do on my blog.

It got me thinking, “I bet they would love to know what they were getting for their money when they joined Futanaria?” This is my first paysite review and hopefully you will find it useful.I’m going to use a 5 point rating system which basically means that 1 = Terrible and 5 = Great.The site updates, on average, two times a week but there is no set days – basically it updates when it updates.Obviously that is a little disheartening to hear but the good news is when Futanaria adds a new set to the member section it’s worth the wait.Each video is 8+ minutes a piece and the accompanying photo sets have a lot of pics to keep you entertained.

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