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um, it probably wouldn't matter 'cause despite what people think, after all the celebrity chefs go home and the nightclubs close at 3a, things do get surprisingly sleepy on The Strip.But don't worry, there This is where the boys who haven't hooked up yet go looking for ladies…

Oh, and the fact that Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone shared a booth here in This mainstay inside the Golden Gate is open 24hrs a day and world-famous for its enormous stacks of pancakes with drawn butter.Lucky's offers "mouthwatering diner cuisine for the sophisticated palate"...because you'll definitely feel sophisticated housing a plate of fried mac and cheese bites at 2a.Akron Quaker Square is what was once the original Quaker Oats Company.Now it’s home to a unique-looking retail complex providing shopping, restaurants, hotel and entertainment center.In fact, Brandon Flowers of The Killers recently told the Wall Street Journal they were one of the best things about Las Vegas.

And while that may be debatable, the fact that carbs and butter in these amounts, while delicious, This Crazy Horse III-adjacent nightspot isn't technically a strip club (the poles are for "go-go dancers", and female members of the public are welcome to take a turn), it's a 3500sqft boozer where "the idea is to pick up two or three hours after the other nightclubs", and apparently serve as a frequent location for Snoop Dogg videos. Just steps from another sweet late night spot, this all-hours eat spot is a go-to for people who aren't quite done dancing/ drinking/ gambling/ whatever you can do at The Hard Rock. All over the country, when people are hungry at three in the morning, they go to Denny's. A massive, metal-enshrouded Denny's on Fremont where, in addition to the usual Moons Over My Hammy-type eats, there's a full bar and, on the off chance you got lucky at one of the spots above, a wedding chapel.

This longtime late-nighter's permeant home is currently going up in an as-yet-to-be named resort, so this dance spot has set up temporary shop across the street at Bally’s, and you know what that means... It's also for those who wanna grab eats from the off-menu, but totally awesome, 777 Special: an eight ounce steak, grilled shrimp, mashed potatoes and a side salad… This restaurant at The Cosmopolitan has a view of the women wandering in and out of Bond nightclub and, more importantly, the best breakfast menu in the city. The Short Rib Benedict is the signature dish but even the oatmeal – served with pralines, dried fruit and brown sugar - is badass. But in Las Vegas, when people are hungry at three in the morning, they go to... An intimate bottle-service after hours space opening up in the cavernous Playground mega complex, Posh has gilded its dimly neon space with bronzed architecture, gold glitter table tops, and, befitting a lounge in a strip club, a smattering of poles.

Tucked into the Hard Rock and boasting late-night hours, Mr.

The buildings, known as silos, are unique and are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The company’s rich history is told with historic advertising memorabilia and includes accounts of how Ferdinand Schumacher originally attempted to sell his breakfast oats as well as how a fire nearly destroyed everything.

The Appalachian Discovery & Birding Trail: Welcome to Southern Ohio’s driving trail featuring wildlife in flight and historical sites across the rural countryside at the foothills of Appalachia. The trail is intended to be a weekend excursion for visitors to see the region’s most productive birding hotspots, nestle up at quality lodges or cabins, and eat at a number of great dining facilities, and do some sightseeing at the unique historical attractions dotting the countryside.