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My first goal was to figure out which of my friends are actually staying in Joplin and if they had any plans. Well as it turns out, all of my friends are lame and never want to do anything (lol) so most of the time, I either go to Oklahoma or Arkansas to hang out with my friends there, if I want to have fun.Though I do have fun when I go there, it's very inconvenient because it takes a lot of gas, me and my friends have to figure out when / how to meet up with our work schedules, and even what we can do on stuff limited availability. We've made plans that get canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Another horrible experience this summer was everything that went on with my summer class (this one).

Moving from my hometown, Lebanon Mo, to Joplin was perfectly fine with me.

I decided I wanted to go to MSSU because it was cheap, they offer foreign language scholarships, and it's a good 120 miles away from my parents house =).

However, as the summer approached, I realized I wouldn't have much of a life during the summer.

All of my friends moved back to their hometown once the Spring semester ended, and with everything that had been happening at my job, I knew I would be working practically nonstop.

This summer has, quite honestly, been the worst summer of my life so far.

There have been so many bad things happen, very few good things, and a whole lot of boredom.Last summer was possibly the best time of my life and so I was looking forward to this summer, however I was unsure of how it would turn out.Living in a different town and having a job, I knew it was going to be different but not miserable!I already wrote a blog about what had been going on up to that point, so I won't go into too much detail, but basically I was at the school 5 or 6 times throughout the summer trying to be reinstated back into this class while making absolutely no progress during each visit.The final visit, yesterday afternoon, was the only time that I actually got anywhere.They FINALLY gave me my refund check (which I immediately endorsed and handed right back to them...) and then told me that I needed my instructor's signature, or the English department's head's signature, granting permission back into class...

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