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Dating rca tube - 121 adult chat

Does anyone know about the quality of the "affordable" Chinese tube amps on the market, such as the Meng Yue, Music Angel, Sound Luster, Yaoin, Yaqin, Mr Liung and Audioromy? I've seen posts and comments on this forum in the past, but nothing definitive. It was actually pretty the voltage regulator valves. The old addage "you get what you pay for" still holds true, up to a point, and unfortunately, many Chinese amps in today's market are rising in cost and simply do not represent a good long term investment unless you buy wisely.I was hoping more members have ventured into the world of these Asian valve amps and can report pros and cons. Having said that, I would be very happy to be the proud owner of an Eastern sound good and are built well..sting in the tale for them is still the EAR products which sound better...

The thing to be wary of, as with any valve amp, is the quality of the trannies and the valves themselves.

I can't make any comparisons to any other tube amps. But I am satisfied with it, and it was under a thousand.

Cheers, Alec I bought a Ming Da with 300b valves, it is basically the same as Icon audio stuff, and a real bargin.

Icon audio are different in that some of the more dodgy components are different.

In pure audio terms, many if not most Chinese amps are based on tried and tested designs, some dating back to the 1950's, many of British origin.

You can buy into a Tim De Paravincini phono amp for less cash than an Eastern Minimax and I know which I'd prefer...

the latter company produce a very fine phono amp in the Eastern Elecric Minimax amp but the real problem here is the competition.

Most Chinese tube amps are still to be avoided given that anyone venturing ito valves still have a decent choice of British and American built amps for relatively little more cash. I've heard and liked the sound and build of some Music Angel, Icon, Yaqin and especially Eastern Electric Audio amps.

My personal advice is be wary, be wise and do your homework I bought a Chinese made integrated amp last year.

It is the Antique Sound Lab AQ1003DT, and the story is that it is made to Divergent Technology (a Canadian company) specs, and inspected by them.

It is rated at 30 watts/side into 8 ohms, and has the meter for adjusting bias built in, so for someone like myself, who makes no claim to any expertize in electronics, it is perfect.

With the JJ tubes, it does sound very good, and there is no lack of power to drive the B&W DM220 speakers.