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The France-Workshop in Central Europe - an event not to be missed!

A magnate and his younger wife hire David to teach guitar to their teenage daughter.

See full summary » A multi-faceted film based on Raymond Jean's novel "La Lectrice".

Constance (Miou-Miou) reads the novel aloud in bed to her lover.

Inspired by the story of Marie, a woman who advertises her...

See full summary » Julien is a left-leaning student whose politics and love interest end up clashing as the young man makes a long, epic journey through his years at a private school in Paris when Algeria is ...

See full summary » Fred is a gambler and deep in debt.

He owes crime boss Victor a lot of money and the time to pay has come.

Gégé, his loyal friend, advises him to make money quickly, or face the ...

The wife quickly seduces David, and simultaneously he strikes up an acquaintance with the family's ...

See full summary » At the age of 20, Martin leaves his home town and comes to Paris, where he fortunately becomes a model by chance.

He meets Alice, his brother's friend, and falls in love with her. See full summary » This is an affecting story about a father's attempts to mend the breaches in the relationship between himself and his 10-year-old daughter.

Emmanuel (Sami Frey) is the father of Elise (Mara...

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    Thanks to social network integration, this app makes it easy to meet people when you’re sitting at home, commuting to work, on the treadmill, or anywhere else.

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