Dating comic strips

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Dating comic strips

In that intervening period, my relationship status changed permanently and inspired a much better story.I redesigned all the characters to suit my solo artistic style and began again from scratch. The first hardcover print collection SOUNDS SCIENCEY has been funded through Kickstarter! It features 145 recolored comics from Chapters 2 & 3 - an excellent point to begin reading if you're new to CARBON DATING!

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This comic is now about science geeks in relationships, which is inspired in no small part by my wife, Abbey.

ROB A bar really isn't the ideal place for me to meet a girl.

' Tumblr was created by a group of friends who liked sharing their dating stories with each other.

Eventually, they decided to put some of their stories into comic strips and start a blog devoted to dating stories.

If ever there is an iconic comic strip, it is Peanuts.

What began in the funny pages in 1950 has developed into an enduring classic.

Whether you're persnickety like Lucy, a philosopher like Linus, a joyous Flying Ace like Snoopy, or a lovable underdog like Charlie Brown, there is something to touch your heart or make you laugh in Peanuts.

Carbon Dating was initially about a bachelor geek’s quixotic search for a rational woman.

Up until that point all of my ex-girlfriends had seemed great at first until I realized they were a giant windmill of crazy.

I am sure each of you can relate to the frustration of finding a person you resonate with, they all start to seem crazy until the point you give up on ever meeting someone who finds Neil de Grasse Tyson as sexy as you do.

The working title was Empirically Single and I found an artist to help with the workload.

Then, ten comic strips into the project, the collaboration deal fell through and ultimately delayed the project for a year.