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This is a tricky question, because the answer is different for everyone, based on the variables involved.But costs you should consider factoring into your comparison (besides the roundtrip flight price) include:- extra fuel costs (how fuel efficient is your vehicle?

Using common averages, I've found that if the flight from Plattsburgh is about /person less than a similar flight from Montreal, the average person is only breaking even.

Abbotsford Calgary Charlottetown Comox Deer Lake Edmonton Fort Mc Murray Grande Prairie Halifax Hamilton Kamloops Kelowna London Moncton Ottawa Prince George Quebec City Regina Saint John Saskatoon St. If you see anything in this guide that looks incorrect, out of date, or could just simply be improved with better info, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll fix / update it. According to Google Maps, Plattsburgh airport is about 72 minutes from Montreal (103 km each way). [Info on how to apply for NEXUS]Are there good deals to be had? Spirit also flys to Central and South American destinations such as Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru) and a few Caribbean destinations (Aruba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cancun).

John's Thunder Bay Toronto Vancouver Victoria Winnipeg This guide will attempt to encompass everything someone living in the Montreal area might want to know about flying out of U. map link Don't forget to account for border-crossing times in each direction. Plattsburgh is served by 3 airlines, Allegiant Air, Spirit Airlines, and Pen Air. But you should also know that Spirit is generally considered the worst carrier in North America.

borderestimated wait times at Canadian border Tips:- If you travel to the States a lot you may wish to get a NEXUS card for (US) for 5 years and eliminate the line ups at borders and airports.

Allegiant Air can have low prices to Florida and Las Vegas (the only destinations they fly to from PBG). Not in an unsafe way, just as low-frills and budget as it gets when it comes to comfort.

In my opinion, when the flight from Plattsburgh is at least 0 less per person than the flight from Montreal, it becomes worth the drive.

This is based on my calculations using average factors, and 2 people in a vehicle.You can see the example in the spreadsheet that was used to draw this conclusion. Parking is currently -7/day, according to the Plattsburgh Airport website.Pen Air flys to various destinations in Alaska, and to Boston.It's a regional airport, so it's strengths are serving the relatively few destinations listed above, served by those three airlines.Also, when comparing costs, be aware that Allegiant and Spirit charge extra for absolutely *everything*, including even carry-on luggage now.How much would I have to save for it to be worth the drive?