C validating cancel button

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In that case, how will you handle the click event of different buttons on your form?

For handling all of the above buttons click we have the three methods as mention below: In this way each submit button will post the form to server but provides the different values - Save, Submit and NULL respectively for the commands.I hope you will enjoy these tricks while programming with MVC Razor.I would like to have feedback from my blog readers.Your valuable feedback, question, or comments about this article are always welcome. You use these methods to validate text that was typed by the user, to respond to specific interactions with the keyboard, and to control the overall editing process. A text field calls the methods of its delegate in response to important changes.

Editing begins shortly before the text field becomes the first responder and displays the keyboard (or its assigned input view).Sometimes you required to have more than one submit buttons on the same form in mvc razor.On the basis of command name we can implement our own logic in the controller's action method.We can also use javascript or jquery for handling Cancel button click.Now, on Cancel button click we will directly redirect to the home page.In this way, there is no server side post back and this is the more convenient way to handle the cancel button click.

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