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Austindating com

Austin posted a picture of himself with Caesar to his Instagram account back in December, giving hope to every internet fangirl that one day her celebrity crush will not only notice her, but be "crazy" about her..

”) finally has an answer, thanks to some intrepid sleuthing and the unrivaled gossip-power of the internet. Austin fans squealed in unison when the 21-year-old former TV star shared a rather candid photo of a kiss between himself and an unknown woman. We know because the couple decided to go ahead and break the story themselves! Austin’s girlfriend, and her social media profiles have since gone public–so that she could confirm she’s dating Jake! Nope–Danielle is simply a huge fan of Jake’s work, and has followed (and gushed over) him on Twitter for years.

UPDATE: Turns out that the photo above is indeed of Danielle Caesar. A set designer with an eye for life behind the lens?

Austin girlfriend update left fans breathless with curiosity. But her page does feature two photos: a cover pic of the New York City skyline, and a mostly-hidden shot of Caesar herself: Looks like her belly-button ring is intact, though 😉 Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from the young couple very soon!

In addition, it’s believed that this is Caesar’s Twitter profile–of all the women named “Danielle Caesar” currently on Twitter, she’s the only one whose tweets are protected.

Austin dating rumors isn’t a fellow former TV star–she’s a long-time fan!

It seems the new secret to online dating success involves a Twitter account and a lot of persistence.

At least that was all it took for 22-year-old Danielle Caesar, who, for the past five years, has been in pursuit of Jake T.Austin, the 21-year-old actor known for his role as Max Russo on Disney Channel's . A recent report, though, was able to confirm that Jake T. And, while Caesar’s social media profiles are private, her Instagram bio does reveal that she’s a native of New York City, which is also Austin’s hometown. Unfortunately, this couple is keeping it on the super-down-low for now.As first reported by Capital FM, a few years ago, he followed her back, and things blossomed from there.That’s right: the girl at the bottom of the Jake T.

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