Angelina dating hutton jolie timothy

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Angelina dating hutton jolie timothy

16, just hours after both stars walked the Critics' Choice Movie Awards red carpet in L. PHOTOS: Brad and Jen, the way they were Asked about the chatter over their perceived rivalry — which dates way back to 2005, when Aniston, 45, split from then-husband Brad Pitt and he started dating Jolie, 39, whom he met on the set of of the film, which stars British actor Jack O' Connell as real-life former Olympian and POW Louis Zamperini.

Jagger spotted [Eric] Clapton with a 23-year-old Italian model called Carla Bruni.She seemed to possess every quality he desired: jaw-dropping beauty, youth, money of her own — and, perhaps most important of all, a rock-star boyfriend.But within days, Jagger and Bruni had begun a clandestine affair. ‘Mick tried to make love to me on his wedding night!When Clapton eventually heard about it, he was devastated." The book goes on to explain how even on his wedding night to Hall, Jagger was trying to sleep with other women: "...while Jerry was changing for bed, Mick had dallied with the wife of a friend. ’ His timing may have been humiliating, but Jerry was under no illusions about her marriage. I thought I’d never fall in love with someone else.'" When Hall was pregnant with their fourth child in 1997, Jagger noticed an unknown actress, who had been hired to play a stripper in one of his music videos: "Her name was Angelina Jolie.So when she first heard about Carla, she dismissed her as just another Stones camp follower." After being given an ultimatum by Hall, Jagger eventually called off the relationship with Bruni: "Back in Paris, the normally resilient Carla was inconsolable when she heard Jagger and Jerry were back together. Beyond her obvious physical attributes, Angelina offered something extra: an element of danger.‘She scares me a little — I like that,’ Jagger said.

Highly strung, foul-mouthed, and given to dark moods and fits of temper, not only was she married — to the British actor Jonny Lee Miller — but she was already having an affair with the actor Timothy Hutton.

Jagger kept phoning until he wore her down and she agreed to meet up with him in Florida.

The weekend left Angelina unimpressed and Mick wanting more." The full extract is available to read online at the Daily Mail.

The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.